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K Zildjian Constantinople 14” Hihat Cymbal 982g

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A real old K! The stamp suggests this cymbal is from the 1930’s or earlier, before the city of Constantinople changed their name to Istanbul!! There is a ‘G’ stamped on the inside edge of the cymbal which would suggest it was part of set delivered to Gretsch. Use it as a top or bottom cymbal, the richness and dark complexity are exactly what these old K’s are known for. There are no cracks! A few scratches and dings but nothing substantial. It is in excellent shape. There are two videos for listening. In the video of the K as a bottom cymbal, the other cymbal is a K Zildjian Istanbul 772g top. In the other the bottom cymbal is a Cymbal & Gong 14” Holy Grail 1002g.


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