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Koide 10-J Series 18” Crash 1508g

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As with the 703's, the 10J cymbals are made from Koide's B20 alloy and with contemporary sound at the core of its design. The main difference between the two lines is the fabrication process. 10J's are produced to allow for more overall consistency in each cymbal but with the vintage vibe and warmth of 703's. Think of the 10J as the production version of the 703 – not quite as complex, but maybe a little more versatile and conventional in sound characteristics. These cymbals are the time tested, tried-and-true workhorse style of cymbal that will provide you with a classic sound and feel that works in most all musical situations. 10J's possess a great dynamic range, a responsive feel, and a familiarity in sound that will be a go-to cymbal for working musicians that need to cover a wide range of styles.

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