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Koide 703 Series 15” Hi Hats t- 806g b- 958g

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In the Koide line, the 703 cymbals are the closest to traditional Turkish cymbals. All 703 cymbals are shaped entirely by hammering and are tuned by the hammer. Among the Koide lines, the bells of the 703’s are lower in profile and slightly smaller in diameter. Cymbal profiles can vary which means each cymbal can be quite different form the next. Each 703 cymbal is unique unto itself – no two are alike, and the end product emanates from the sound characteristics that present themselves as the cymbal is made and by the direction that Toshio Koide chooses to take in creating the cymbal.

Because 703’s are so process-driven, when you purchase these cymbals, you’ll buy the exact 703 cymbal being advertised online due to variations in each cymbal. The 703's are made from Koide's B20 alloy and are the perfect fit for jazz or any music that needs a warm, organic and complex sounding cymbal. These instruments are very expressive, responsive, and sensitive to how and where they are played over the surface. Custom orders for this series are accepted.

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