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Koide Brilliant Medium Thin 19” Crash 1776g

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The Brilliant cymbal is made with the patented and very unique B23ZT alloy and an over-hammering process. Obviously, the high tin content brings a very high stiffness and thus "brilliance" to the sound, but the Zirconium and Titanium add malleability and durability the metal needs during production and use. These cymbals all have enhanced upper frequencies that produce a very bright and shimmery sound. None are harsh, and all sizes have a sweetness to the shimmer in the wash when crashed. The surface tension is very high when compared to B20 cymbals and they aren’t as bendable when flexed. The BRILLIANT line opens up very easily and quickly when crashed and has fast stick rebound due to this added stiffness. Sweetness and presence are the strongest characteristics of the BRILLIANT series – plenty of cut, clean, fast response, shimmer, brightness without harshness, and a medium to long sustain. The medium and larger crashes imply a sizzle quality to their sound and are very responsive. BRILLIANT cymbals make an excellent choice for pop, rock and fusion music; they have a unique feel under the stick when played and don’t require big hits to get a big response. Many players comment on how the weight-to-sound ratio is very different from B20 in the sense that these cymbals play like thicker cymbals but sound like a much thinner cymbal. Like the ABSOLUTE line, the large crashes make for great crash/rides that give a nice lift to the music.
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