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Round Sound Cymbals specializes in Turkish hand hammered cymbals. We believe there are TONS of great cymbal manufacturers out there and that no two cymbals are exactly the same. We will never say one cymbal company is better or worse than another cymbal company. There are so many sounds out there that are made lots of great companies!!

Turkish made and hand hammered cymbals have a long, glorious past and continue to be some of the best sounding cymbals available today. 

There's nothing wrong with machine made cymbals. (We own several ourselves!!) Round Sound is here to focus on the hand hammered (often considered Turkish) style of cymbal making.

We currently carry the following brands - Bosphorus, Istanbul Mehmet, Cymbal & Gong, Murat DirilByrne Dream, T-Cymbals and Turkish. These companies make fantastic sounding instruments. In time we hope to grow and represent as many good quality, great sounding cymbal companies as we can find! One company, Dream, is made in China. Their cymbals are unique and sound great. They are the best representation of what China currently has to offer.

Hand hammered cymbals come in many shapes and sizes. As they are made by hand, they will all be unique in their sound and character. Some of the cymbals we have don't always fit in to what we (in the west) assume to be a properly made cymbal. Some of them will have edge "bends" or they won't sit "flat" on a table. These are not damaged cymbals. They were intentionally made this way. We are most concerned with sound and less concerned with how something looks. If it sounds good to your ear, then it is good!

We're always searching for new, interesting sounds. If you have something we need to hear or suggestions of companies you would like to see in our store, please let us know!!

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