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Website media

Most of the cymbal pictures you see are stock images provided by the cymbal companies. Your cymbal will almost assuredly look different but very similar to the photo. If you need to see the actual cymbal for sale, look at the videos. They have the exact cymbal for sale.

The videos you see are demonstration videos, meant to give you an idea of the cymbal will sound like. It's extremely challenging to say how the cymbal will sound when you play it. The cymbal will definitely sound different in your room, with your sticks, and your playing style, than it does in the videos.

To that end, all cymbals are unique. Some of the cymbals we have don't always fit in to what we assume to be a properly made cymbal. Some of them will have edge "bends" or they won't sit "flat" on a table. These are not damaged cymbals. They were intentionally made this way. We are most concerned with sound and less with how something looks. If it sounds good to your ear, then it is good!

All audio/video files are of the exact cymbal available for purchase. The cymbal you see and hear in the video is the exact cymbal you will receive when purchased. When it's gone, a new video will be made for a similar model. 

Microphones accentuate different frequencies. Sometimes we will add minimal compression and/or EQ only to make the cymbal sound more like it does in the room. Digital audio is tricky and listening on your phone or computer speakers will only give you a partial understanding of the cymbals' capabilities. Headphones and/or quality monitors are encouraged. 

We always use the same stick (Vic Firth Peter Erskine Ride model) in all the demos. 

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