Store Policy



You have 7 days from the date of purchase to return a cymbal to our showroom for store credit only. (Online sales get 14 days from date of purchase) Returns must be accompanied by proof of purchase. All returned cymbals must be free of stick marks, fingerprints, dirt, and anything else keeping the cymbal from like new condition. Cymbals not meeting these strict guidelines will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Returns must be cleared with Round Sound before they are brought (or sent) back. please email for more information on how to return your cymbal.

We want you to find the right cymbal that works for you!! We understand that sometimes the cymbal you thought was "the one" ends up not being quite right. Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of offering endless returns. However, for each cymbal purchased, you can return that cymbal up to two times. Meaning, by the 3rd choice, you've found your soulmate cymbal!

SPECIAL ORDERS: If you don't see the cymbal you're looking for and want us to order it for you, we can do that!! All special orders are final. Cymbals placed on special order cannot be returned for store credit or refund.