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Sabian HHX Anthology Low Bell 18" Crash 1338g

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The HHX Anthology is the pinnacle of essential HHX technologies, uniting traditional and contemporary sounds in one cymbal.

These new models embody Jojo Mayer's philosophy that it is the player who decides what the cymbals are – crash or ride

HHX Anthology's innovative design allows the full spectrum of both Ride and Crash sounds to unfold in each cymbal with no compromise tosound or feel. Unprecedented sonic control and range puts creativity into the drummer's hands and opens new possibilities to play their way.

The rings in the Anthology logo are a visual representation of how this product unifies past, present, future, tradition and exploration. It speaks to Anthology’s innovative design that allows a full spectrum of both Ride and Crash sounds.

The SABIAN logo, product size, and weight in grams are placed on the underside keeping the top minimal.

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