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Stack Ring Percussion 16" Versa Stack

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The Versa Stack is a collaboration with Reverie Artist, Chaisaray Schenck. It consists of three steel cymbals (12″/14″/16″) bolted together with jingles, bent, and hammered to produce a quick and aggressive stack and “clap” sound. You can tighten the bolts for a drier quicker sound, or leave them wide open for a more resonant sound that includes the high end of the added jingles. The entire stack can be disassembled and turned into stand-alone crashes/stack pieces.

Maintenance Care and Instructions: 

  1. The Versa Stack/K-Stack have raw steel elements finished with a coat of lacquer. Make sure to keep the instrument dry and if it gets wet, dry it immediately. 
  2. If surface imperfections or rust develop, I recommend using the Miracle All-purpose Polishing Cloth or Naval Jelly (both found on Amazon). Then use a bit of WD-40 or Paste Wax to protect the exposed steel. CAUTION: using this cloth or any other abrasive rust remover can permanently remove or mar the finish of the instrument. Use lightly and sparingly!
  3. Do not store the Versa Stack/K-Stack zipped in a case or in a damp environment for long periods of time as this can trap moisture and increase the risk of rust developing. 
  4. The raw steel we use is very thin and bends easily. If you are concerned about the bends you can bend them back into shape by (gently) stepping on the bent areas over a rug or by using your hands.
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