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Upcycled Percussion Deluxe Rattle Snake Chain

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For 2021, the "Deluxe" Rattle Snake has been remastered! After some tinkering and testing, we made some changes to the bottle cap chain and the medallion chain. The new cap chain makes less contact with the cymbal surface and as a result has a brighter, more pronounced sizzle, and less rattle. The medallion chain has swapped the previous thin, papery jingle for a stack of two slightly heavier pieces, for more shimmer and control. 

The Upcycled Percussion "Rattle Snake" is a multi-purpose mount, based off the classic chain-on-cymbal application for a sizzle effect. But it is much more flexible and dynamic than your average cymbal chain. Read below to learn about all of the unique features!

This DELUXE EDITION Rattle Snake comes with:
- One Rattle Snake Mount
- One Medium Weight Silver Chain (All purpose, the standard chain)*
- One Upcycled Pop Top Chain (Light weigh, delicate sizzle)
- One Upcycled Bottle Cap Chain (A louder, more metallic sizzle)**
- One Upcycled Medallion Chain (For a shimmery, super-active rattle effect)

* All chains are cut to a length optimal for use with 20-24" cymbals... If you plan to use on smaller cymbals, the chains can be cut/made shorter - just ask!

- Its flexible, adjustable body can be altered for use with or without cymbal felts, without having to remove or adjust the hardware already in place on your cymbals. Check out the photos for a snap of the Rattle Snake wrapped around a felt and wingnut.

-The coil can also lengthen and contract, allowing for use on cymbals of varying sizes without having to have separate units or different lengths of chain. 

- The carabiner attachment at the end makes it easy to swap different chain types and weights, and even accommodates multiple chains.

- The Rattle Snake can also mount around tension rods to use as an effect on top of snares and toms!  

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