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Upcycled Percussion Hammered Ching Ring

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This useful little creation "activates" much easier on a hi hat cymbal than any of our hand rattles do. This thing can really add a layer of sound to hi hats parts. The hammered discs on the ring are lightweight and quite responsive. The ring can obviously flex, bend and become somewhat amorphous because of the chain at its core.

Depending on how you position or play your hi hats, this thing may move off center - and that's not a bad thing! Because the chain is not stiff, the ring can be pulled toward to edge of the hi hats, for added effects when the hats are played closed (see video). The ring can also be used for cool rattle effects on toms and snares, even if it only resembles a pile of metal by that point. And while not nearly as controlled as our hand rattles, the ring can be played by hand, the discs producing a bright, shimmery tone.

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